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Excess proceeds from the sale of tax-defaulted property is defined as any amount that exceeds one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) after taxes, assessment liens, and costs of the sale have been satisfied. The California Revenue and Taxation Code, Section 4675 states, in part (paraphrased): Parties of Interest and their order of priority are:
County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector Secured Property Tax Division 2019A Public and 2019A Follow-Up Auction ( Excess Proceeds Listing) Item Parcel Follow-Up Auction Excess Proceeds 01266 3358-008-045 $44.30 01282 3361-012-009 $35.92 01283 3361-012-018 $31.41 01286 3362-001-005 $866.09 01324 3378-021-007 $357.19 01495 ....
We maintain a schedule, Tax sale overage Tarrant County, and provide current tax sale overage, Excess proceeds Tarrant County, and excess funds produced from those tax